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Red Magic for death spells call +27632846963
Red magic uses anger and rage to fire magical powers into a frenzy and send them at their intended target. It is the magic of war and uses aggression and chaos to send the practitioner into a state of gnostic trance.

The Chaos Bolt
– from “Combat Magic”

Materials and Supplies:

Pen and paper to make a sigil
Fire (A small bonfire or burning paper in a cauldron or copalera will work)
Red candles
“Mars” incense
A sterilized needle to draw blood from your finger
Ceremonial battle garb or painting oneself with war paint is very effective
Spell Casting:

Gather all materials and supplies
Create a sigil out of the name of the enemy using the Graphic Method
Anoint the sigil with your own blood
Create a sigilized chant detailing the horrible fate that is to befall the target (Mantric method)
Arrange several red candles in a circle around you
Burn incense copiously
Raise your rage into a frenzy without thinking of the target
Begin chanting your mantra while focusing on the sigil (Do not think of the target to avoid attaching yourself spiritually to the spell!)
Raise the cone of power through wild war dances
At the climax, visualize the sigil contained in an equal-sided triangle, the bottom of a three-sided pyramid, pointing away from you.
Visualize the triangle rapidly shrinking and vanishing as the bolt is released
Burn the sigil paper and retain the ashes, packaging them in a small container (black box, etc.)
Deliver the remains anonymously to your target
After this spell is cast, be sure not to think about to intended target, so that the spell does not attach to you and cause a rebound or what,up +27632846963

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