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Location: 17 Denlaw Rd, London [map]
Phone: 519 694-3695

Highest quality meats produced at Metzgers Meat Products. I am an employee of this AA grade provincial inspected, C.F.I.A ( Canadian Food Inspection Agency ) licensed abatoir and I would like to share my employee discount with everyone. We sell only AAA beef, and the highest quality pork, lamb, chicken and turkey. Along with the best quality cold cuts and cheeses you can buy. Below are some of my great prices.

6 oz 100 % beef hamburger patties ( 36 patties per box ) $30.00
reg and steakettes (salt & pepper sea.) .

Prime Rib Steaks (any thickness) $7.99 per pound

Black Forest Ham $4.50 per pound (reg and mini hams)

Breakfast Sausages $2.50 per pound

Regular Sausage $2.39 per pound

Garlic, honey garlic, octoberfest, itailian, hot itailian Sausage $2.99 per pound

Bacon $4.50 per pound

Bacon Burgers $2.69 per pound

Lean Ground Pork $1.99 per pound

Pizza loaf, Ham loaf, Onion loaf, Brocoli loaf, Roast Beef $4.99 per pound

Summer Sausage $5.50 per pound

Salami ( Jalapeno, Hungarian, Hensal) $6.99 per pound

4 yr old Cheddar $8.66 per pound

Medium Cheddar and Marble $6.71 per pound

For more information or to make an order please email Matt at [email protected] or call (519) 262-3130 please call before 4 pm to reach me.

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