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An Invitation . . . . .

This is my invitation to you to RE$TART YOUR LIFE!

Increase your FREEDOM & ABUNDANCE!

Everyone has the power within to shape and control their own life. The choices we make and directions we take are dependent on the quality of our thoughts and actions. Your thoughts create your life experiences! Since your subconscious controls most of your thoughts, what may be blocking your flow of abundance are conflicting thoughts and limiting beliefs. This process provides you with the tools to change those behaviors and beliefs subconsciously to allow you to attract what you desire. As your thoughts change, you automatically think the thoughts that attract and increase love, peace and joy – ABUNDANCE is the natural result.


1 person - $120 for 1 hour session (includes CD)

OR gather some friends and come as a group (1 CD ea. included)

Group of 2 - $160
Group of 3 - $190
Group of 4 - $220
Group of 5 - $250
Group of 6 - $280

Contact: Sandy DeBoice, C.Ht.

Call: 519-434-4672

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